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Reader’s Poll: Who Has the Best Rogues Gallery in Comics?


What good is a hero without great villains? No matter how incredible or interesting the protagonist in a story may be, if he/she is not met by equally incredible or interesting antagonists, the story just feels flat. Aside from Star Wars‘ Darth Vader, who is without a doubt the coolest bad guy in pop culture, there’s no better place to find villains than comic books. So which hero has the best rogues gallery? You as the reader get to determine which ones I write about. Vote below and I’ll feature the top 5 vote-getters in a future post (might be a multi-parter).



Quick Shots from Comic-Con – Part 1


Comic-Con International took place in San Diego over the weekend. The annual geek convergence is always a hotbed of trailer debuts, logo/information reveals, and cast panels. Marvel gave us a new, much longer trailer for Doctor Strange, showed off the logos for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Black Panther, and dropped a bombshell in the casting of titular Captain Marvel. DC debuted a full-length trailer for Wonder Woman and dropped a sizzle reel for the upcoming Justice League. And just as importantly, first trailer for Season 7 of The Walking Dead debuted as well. With so much to cover, I’m just going to hit the highlights and give my condensed opinion on each.


The Walking Dead trailer 


We’re only 3 months away from finally finding out who lost their life at the hands of new big bad Negan. The trailer is brilliantly constructed with the first half running down the potential victims and giving us a very brief history of each characters, and the second half showing us the few characters that didn’t find themselves at Negan’s mercy and giving us some huge reveals: The Kingdom, Ezekiel, and Shiva! Forget Negan; King Ezekiel’s pet tiger is going to be in the show this season! Just kidding (mostly), because I can’t wait to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan tear it up this season.


Doctor Strange trailer


Finally opening the doors to the supernatural corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this movie looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Benedict Cumberbatch is genius casting and I can’t wait to see his take on Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. We also finally got a good look at the films villain (potentially villains, but I won’t spoil that for those not familiar with the comics). Boy does the trailer get trippy. Like Inception on acid.


Daredevil Season 3 announcement


I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Daredevil had officially been renewed for its third season. I had assumed that with the upcoming Defenders cross-over on horizon that the Man Without Fear’s solo series would be put on hold temporarily. I’m very glad to see that that isn’t the case. The greatest superhero television show ever produced will be gracing us with a new installment soon.


Wonder Woman trailer


As big of dumpster fire as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was, this movie looks incredible. For many, Wonder Woman was one of the few bright spots in BvS, and it appears that that bright spot is ready to shine on her own. Being set in World War II, this movie appears to be in a lot of ways what I had hoped the Captain America: The First Avenger would have been: a gritty, realistic war movie with a superhero dropped in the middle of it. My only real issue is the continued overly-dark cinematography that is apparently going to be the signature of the DCEU. Aside from Batman and some of their imprints, I’ve never seen DC as a particularly dark comic brand. So why are the movies so dark?

Greatest Comic Artists – Part 2

In today’s installment, we have a father and son, a couple of comic book hall of famers, and some of the grittiest artists comics has to offer.
John Romita, Sr. – (Spider-Man, Captain America)
With so many great artists having drawn the character, you can’t really say that there is a definitive Spider-Man artist. But if there is one, it might be John Romita, Sr. He was the artist for most of Spidey’s defining moments in the 70’s. With his son following in his footsteps, he also created one of the greatest legacies is comic history.
John Romita, Jr. – (Spider-Man, Daredevil, Kick-Ass, Iron Man)
Undaunted by the immense shadow cast by his father, John Romita Jr. became a legendary artist as well. And while his humble nature won’t allow him to admit it, I’d argue that his skill probably surpassed that of his famous father. After notable runs drawing for Spider-Man and Daredevil, Romita Jr. went on to co-create the ultra-violent Kick-Ass.
Denys Cowan – (The Question, Deathlok, Steel, Power Man & Iron Fist)
One of the best in the business at telling a story with artwork and framing an action scene. Gritty, emotional art is his calling card. Denys Cowan is so good that he managed to actually make Steel seem interesting. Cowan even drew the cover art for GZA’s album Liquid Swords. He has since gone on to work for BET.
Frank Miller – (Daredevil, Batman, Sin City, 300)
The standard bearer for gritty, ultra-stylized comic art. Also an acclaimed writer. Miller is credited with saving the Daredevil franchise and returning Batman to his darker roots by turning both into the violent vigilantes we know them as today. Created the Sin City franchise and drew/wrote some of the Caped Crusader’s greatest stories, including The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One.
Steve Ditko – (Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, The Question, Blue Beetle)
Originally working in Jack Kirby’s studio, Ditko eventually became a major artist in his own right having created Dr. Strange and co-created Spider-Man and The Question. His tendency to focus on intricacy and fantasy elements allowed him to become a legend in the realms of science fiction, horror, and the supernatural.
Come back next time where I’ll finish the list of the greatest comic book artists of all-time!

100 Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time – Part 15

Because I’m kind of just ready to move on to other things, instead of just giving a 5 character entry with descriptions, I’m just going to list the Top 30 with a picture. Sorry if you were enjoying it in the original format. Maybe one day I’ll go back and finish it that way. But until then, here goes:


30. Jesse Custer

Jesse Custer


29. Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange


28. Green Goblin

Green Goblin


27. Darkseid



26. Thor



25. Nightcrawler



24. Rorschach



23. The Thing



22. Martian Manhunter



21. Jean Grey

Jean Grey


20. Cyclops



19. Deadpool



18. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor


17. Mr. Fantastic

Mr Fantastic


16. Catwoman



15. Daredevil



14. Nightwing



13. The Flash (Barry Allen)



12. The Hulk



11. Wolverine



10. Iron Man

Iron Man


9. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern


8. Magneto



7. The Joker

The Joker


6. Dr. Doom

Dr Doom


5. Superman



4. Captain America

Captain America


3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman


2. Batman



1. Spider-Man














100 Greatest Comic Characters of All-Time – Part 6

75. Miyamoto Usagi

Miyamoto Usagi

It takes a pretty good writer to turn a story about a rabbit ronin into an epic tale on par with some of the greatest samurai films ever made, and that is exactly what you have in Stan Sakai. Despite some appearances on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons and toy line, he’s never gotten quite the popularity he deserves. A combination of historically accurate samurai culture, grand story-telling, and just the right amount of childish accessibility, Usagi is a great example of the types of characters you find only in the world of comic books.

74. The Kingpin


Marvel’s resident crime boss and nemesis of the Man Without Fear, Daredevil. Part business man, part violent crime lord, the real-world believability of Wilson Fisk stands in stark contrast to the super-powered beings in spandex that dominate the landscape of the vast majority of comic books. This is a big reason why he is such a compelling villain. The fact that he’s crossed paths with The Punisher and managed to remain among the living is a testament to his awesomeness.

73. Gambit


The X-Men’s smooth talking Cajun. From his humble beginnings as a pick-pocket and thief, to his rise as a bona fide badass on the X-Men roster, everything about Remy LeBeau adds to his appeal to comics fans. Armed with his charm, a silver tongue, his trusty staff, and a super-power that can turn anything into an explosive weapon, Gambit is one of the coolest Marvel mutants.

72. Black Widow

Black Widow

A former Russian assassin, turned American super spy, Natasha Romanoff is the epitome of a femme fatale. A skilled marksman, a fierce hand-to-hand combatant, and a master interrogator, she is one of SHIELD’s greatest assets. Black Widow’s terribly dark past adds to her cool factor and makes her one of the more complex females in all of comics. The lovely Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of Black Widow for the Marvel Cinematic Universe has lead to a well-deserved sharp increase in the character’s popularity as well.

71. Moon Knight

Moon Knight

I’ve said it on here before, you don’t mess with a guy that wears white to a fight because he obviously doesn’t plan on getting dirty. That’s exactly what you have with Moon Knight. Chosen as the avatar of the Egyptian moon god Knoshu, Marc Spector is a straight-up badass. Imagine all the high-tech and traditional weaponry that Batman utilizes, but in the hands of someone that has no problem killing the villains unfortunate enough to cross his path. With his connection to the lunar cycle, and having a god taking up shop inside his body, he tiptoes the line between sanity and madness…and sometimes falls completely into the crazy side. This makes Moon Knight an extremely volatile, yet utterly entertaining character.

But I’m Not Dead Yet…

Readers, DO NOT adjust your screen! Reports of this blog’s death have been greatly exaggerated. I am back, and back for good.

SOOOO much has happened in the world of comics during my hiatus. I will try to cover it all, albeit not in great detail. Here’s Part 1 of my quick thoughts on everything I can think of:

  • Daredevil


Best. Superhero. Show. Ever. Everything (minus one plot point) about this show was amazing. The casting was spot-on. The acting was great. The writing was quick, smart, and clever. Connections to the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe were present throughout but felt natural and unforced. The one thing I was disappointed in was the killing of a major character (don’t worry, no spoilers) in the Daredevil mythos this early.

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron


I really enjoyed this movie, but couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. The movie is very good, but it just didn’t feel as special as the first. I was really looking forward to seeing James Spader’s portrayal of the titular villain, Ultron, but I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the actual product. I felt like Ultron showed too much human emotion and wasn’t as cold as I’ve always seen the character. However, the actions scenes were crazy and spectacular, and the focusing more on Hawkeye and Black Widow’s back stories was an unexpected treat.

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


The first teaser trailers and pics from the set have been released. And I still don’t care.

  • Deadpool

DEADPOOL TM and © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  Not for sale or duplication.

Squeal!!! With every picture, tweet, and announcement my anticipation for this movie grows! It has been way too long coming for us fans of the Merc with the Mouth to finally see him done right on the silver screen. Ryan Reynolds has always been the perfect guy for the role, and it couldn’t make me happier that the movie is going to get a hard R-rating. You can’t do Deadpool without adult language and over-the-top violence. This movie is going to be crazy awesome!

  • Marvel Comics Secret Wars


I’m not a fan of this. Randomly wiping out continuity and starting over is a DC move, and a move that Marvel should have nothing to do with. But the worst part is the fact that Miles Morales, not Peter Parker, will be the only Spider-Man, and Sam Wilson, not Steve Rogers, will be Captain America in the new continuity is stupid and insulting. Instead of making better minority characters, just changing major established characters into minorities is lazy and shows a complete lack creativity.

Daredevil Series Cast Taking Shape


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding into Netflix shows with the upcoming Iron FistDaredevilLuke Cage, and Jessica Jones series, and Defenders miniseries. Casting speculation for Iron Fist has been running rampant, but nothing has been announced to date. The cast for Daredevil, however, is coming together.


It was announced a few weeks ago that British actor Charlie Cox, of Boardwalk Empire fame, would be playing the titular character. I’m not familiar at all with his work, as I’ve yet to see a single film or television show he’s been in. So I have no real frame of reference for him, which is kind of a good thing. I have no expectations of him, good or bad, and will be able to simply judge him based solely on his performance as Matt Murdock without any baggage.

Vincent D'Onofrio

Today, Marvel Studios revealed that Daredevil’s nemesis Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. The Kingpin) will be played by Emmy nominated actor Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal JacketMen In BlackThe CellLaw & Order: Criminal Intent). Yet another gem of a casting job by Marvel. I think D’Onofrio is perfect for the role of Marvel’s greatest organized crime boss and real-world type villain. He’s a fantastic actor who brings instant credibility to the series. Also, he can play dark, violent, and intimidating as good as anyone. I was already looking forward to this series, but this has me totally excited. Hopefully the casting for the rest of the MCU Netflix series will be this spot on.