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Spoilerific Review of Season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead


landscape-1476100221-rick-negan-walking-dead-season-7After 6 months of speculation about who new The Walking Dead big bad Negan had chosen to kill after the creepiest game of “eeny meeny miney mo” ever, we finally got our answer Sunday night. Following a significant backlash from fans upset by the fact that Season 6 ended with no closure on who Negan’s victim was, producers promised that the fans’ patience would be rewarded with the premiere. Now that the show is back, can we really say that it was worth the wait?

SPOILERS TO FOLLOW! If you have not seen the episode yet and don’t want to know what happened, now is the time to turn back.





You’ve been warned.





I’m not kidding.





Seeing as how that victim turned out to be Abraham (a character already dead in the comics by this point), and a second victim, Glenn (thanks to Daryl lashing out for Negan taunting Rosita with the bloody Lucille), was the character that got the business end of the bat in the original story, it would be easy to say “No, it wasn’t worth the wait.” But I would disagree. As I’ve written before, I felt like Glenn NEEDED to die here. It couldn’t just be someone that was expendable like Aaron or Sasha, or even fan favorite Daryl. It HAD to be Glenn. So I’m not upset with him being one of the 2 that met their bloody end Sunday night, nor do I feel like it was lazy on the writers’ part as I’ve seen some suggest.


With Abraham also falling to Negan, it did give the story on the show a twist that fans of the comic wouldn’t see coming. I’m sure the writers also felt like this would give even more gravity to the episode. But, knowing what I know about how the story progresses from here and how it affects those left alive going forward, I can’t help but feel that having more than Glenn die here kind of cheapened the moment. You couldn’t really finish processing or mourning Abraham’s death before you’ve been shocked further by seeing Glenn get very brutally and graphically beaten to death as well. But it’s not something that bothered me so much that I was unhappy with the final product.


We also got to see Rick finally reach his breaking point when after repeatedly failing to convince Negan that he was in fact “his”, Negan forces Rick to choose between cutting Carl’s arm off with his own hatchet or watch everyone die. A sobbing Rick picks up the hatchet only to have Negan stop him at the last second, knowing that Rick is completely broken and subservient to his will. Man was it uncomfortable to watch. Rick Grimes is the baddest of badasses. He is the one for 6 seasons that we’ve seen give out orders and kill those that he deemed a threat to his people with little to no accountability. Now he’s the one groveling on his knees to someone else. I’ve read from some fans that this was so upsetting to watch that they claimed if it stayed like this for very long, they’d quit watching the show. *Insert eye roll*


First off, fans threaten to quit watching the show all the time for really dumb reasons…and yet they continue to watch. Second, let the story play out before you start going to that point. Let’s not be so quickly reactionary. Third, the writers are painting the picture that Negan is a legitimate threat. They need you to see that Rick and his band of survivors are vulnerable and outmanned. They need you to believe that our group may not be able to win. That’s good writing and villain development.


It looks like next week is going to be solely about Morgan and Carol being brought into The Kingdom. We’ll hopefully be introduced to the leader of The Kingdom, King Ezekiel and his pet tiger (yes you read that right) Shiva. I. Can’t. Wait.


Top 10 Favorite Heroines

So often in comics, woman are relegated to supporting roles. Whether they are the love interest of the male hero, the damsel in distress, a plucky sidekick or subordinante team member, or, worst of all, simply a plot device that is used as a way of motivating a hero’s vengeance against his enemy, known colloquially as “the woman in the refrigerator.” There are, however, many strong, well-written, and straight up badass females out there in comics. These ladies all have several things in common. They are independent, compelling, and all have a healthy dose of sex appeal. While they may seem like a misogynistic thing to say, for all of these characters, they own their sexuality, using it to futher empower them, rather than jsut be eye candy. I feel like I’m doing a disservice by only listing the top 10. But for the sake of time and not wanting to risk reader burn out with another multi-part countdown, 10 is what I’m doing. Here we go.

10. Voodoo (Wildstorm)



9. Zatanna (DC)



8. Elektra (Marvel)



7. Emma Frost (Marvel)



6. Captain Marvel (Marvel)



5. Wonder Woman (DC)



4. Michonne (Image)



3. Psylocke (Marvel)



2. Harley Quinn (DC)



1. Catwoman (DC)






Who Negan Killed. And Why It Has to Be Glenn.


“You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doin’ that.” With those words season 6 of The Walking Dead came to a violent close. Seeing the bat come down from the unfortunate soul’s point of view was a decision that intrigued some (like me) but infuriated most. But regardless, it had us all talking. We’re still two months away from finding who got the business end of Lucille, and the speculation is running wild about who Negan’s victim was.


As fans of  AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama are known to be rather passionate, everyone seems to have an opinion as to who it was. I’ve heard from some disgruntled fans that feel like it was some minor character like Aaron (sorry Ross Marquand, I love your work, but Aaron could disappear from the show and I don’t think most people would notice). Others believe it will be fan favorite Daryl or our favorite wordsmith Abraham. I’ve also heard from some that think it’s sickly mother-to-be Maggie. But there are others, like myself, that believe it’s Glenn. I would go as far as to say that I would all but guarantee that it’s Glenn.


Why the certainty? Several reasons.

The easiest and most obvious answer: he’s the one that dies here in the comics. Yes, I know that Scott Gimple and company play pretty loose with the story from the comic books on a regular basis. However, from the end of season 5 throughout season 6, the stories have lined up very closely. Pete’s demise, the herd breaking through the walls at Alexandria, Carl losing his eye, and Jessie’s death are all events straight from the comic with very little deviation. Of course that means nothing when it comes to this situation, at least on its own.


When you pair that with the reprecussions of Glenn’s death in the comics, it really seals that is needs to be him. This is a moment in the comic that launches the story forward. Everyone is affected. Glenn getting bludgeoned to death wasn’t just for shock value (though there was plenty of it). It was a milestone in the series. It fed so many other threads…created so many plot lines…changed so many relationships. Not to mention it established Negan as THE big bad.



Think about it from the show’s perspective. If Glenn dies, Rick has lost his oldest friend in the apocalypse, and the man that helped reunite him with his wife and son. Maggie loses her husband and the father of her unborn child. Also how will Maggie’s relationship with Rick change knowing that is was his hubris that led them to this point? Also will she blame herself for negotiating the deal with Gregory to take out the Saviors? Daryl loses a close friend, and some one that helped him overcome his own prejudices. Abraham would see up close what can happen in an instant in that world to someone you care about…after just starting to consider wanting to start a family with Sasha. Would he want to leave her in the same situation that Maggie would be in? The group as a whole would also lose their moral compass yet again (RIP Dale and Hershel). That’s heavy stuff. And much better story arcs than just about anyone else’s death could provide.




Now let’s look at this from a technical standpoint. Very seldom on the show have we ever seen things from a particular character’s point of view. Yet, the finale opened with, and after every commercial break, returned to what turned out to be a character’s vantage point inside the van where Glenn, Daryl, Rosita, and Sasha were being held. If you look closely the view is from the very back of the van. Meaning it would have to be the person that gets out last. That would be Glenn. So if we hold to the idea that the POV shots were consistent throughout the episode, then Glenn’s view opened and closed it. It has to be Glenn.


I love Glenn. As a fan, I don’t want it to be him. I would hate to see him go. But I just feel like all evidence points to his violent and bloody end. Am I right? We’ll find out in October.

Quick Shots from Comic-Con – Part 1


Comic-Con International took place in San Diego over the weekend. The annual geek convergence is always a hotbed of trailer debuts, logo/information reveals, and cast panels. Marvel gave us a new, much longer trailer for Doctor Strange, showed off the logos for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Black Panther, and dropped a bombshell in the casting of titular Captain Marvel. DC debuted a full-length trailer for Wonder Woman and dropped a sizzle reel for the upcoming Justice League. And just as importantly, first trailer for Season 7 of The Walking Dead debuted as well. With so much to cover, I’m just going to hit the highlights and give my condensed opinion on each.


The Walking Dead trailer 


We’re only 3 months away from finally finding out who lost their life at the hands of new big bad Negan. The trailer is brilliantly constructed with the first half running down the potential victims and giving us a very brief history of each characters, and the second half showing us the few characters that didn’t find themselves at Negan’s mercy and giving us some huge reveals: The Kingdom, Ezekiel, and Shiva! Forget Negan; King Ezekiel’s pet tiger is going to be in the show this season! Just kidding (mostly), because I can’t wait to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan tear it up this season.


Doctor Strange trailer


Finally opening the doors to the supernatural corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this movie looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Benedict Cumberbatch is genius casting and I can’t wait to see his take on Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. We also finally got a good look at the films villain (potentially villains, but I won’t spoil that for those not familiar with the comics). Boy does the trailer get trippy. Like Inception on acid.


Daredevil Season 3 announcement


I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Daredevil had officially been renewed for its third season. I had assumed that with the upcoming Defenders cross-over on horizon that the Man Without Fear’s solo series would be put on hold temporarily. I’m very glad to see that that isn’t the case. The greatest superhero television show ever produced will be gracing us with a new installment soon.


Wonder Woman trailer


As big of dumpster fire as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was, this movie looks incredible. For many, Wonder Woman was one of the few bright spots in BvS, and it appears that that bright spot is ready to shine on her own. Being set in World War II, this movie appears to be in a lot of ways what I had hoped the Captain America: The First Avenger would have been: a gritty, realistic war movie with a superhero dropped in the middle of it. My only real issue is the continued overly-dark cinematography that is apparently going to be the signature of the DCEU. Aside from Batman and some of their imprints, I’ve never seen DC as a particularly dark comic brand. So why are the movies so dark?

100 Greatest Comic Characters of All-Time – Part 7

70. Miracleman


Rarely has a character gone from one extreme to the other in terms of subject matter quite like Miracleman. Orginally the family-friendly British equivalent of DC’s Captain Marvel, when the character was brought back after a nearly 20-year hiatus, the story was re-imagined as a very adult post apocalyptic tale full of extreme violence and nudity.

69. V


Propelled in large part by it’s movie counterpart, the charismatic agent of anarchy is possibly Alan Moore’s most popular creation. Tiptoeing the line between sanity and madness, hero and villain, V is definitely one of the more intriguing characters in all of comics.

68. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Created for the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon of the 90’s as The Joker’s sidekick/punching bag, Harley Quinn quickly became one of the most popular villains in The Dark Knight’s rogues gallery. Fans loved the character so much, that eventually DC Comics crossed her over into the comic world as well.

67. Venom


When Spider-Man abandoned the symbiote that had become his new black costume, it immediately bonded with a new host. One that hated Spidey just as much: Eddie Brock. Thus Venom was born. Bigger and stronger than Spider-Man with intimate knowledge of Peter Parker’s personal life and an ability to block his Spider Sense, Venom became one of the Wall Crawler’s most formidable foes.

66. Michonne


The katana-wielding badass from The Walking Dead. Michonne is probably the coolest character in the zombie apocalypse epic. With the help of her trusty blade she is able to wipe out hordes of the undead quickly and quietly. She has also shown herself to be as tough and resilient as they come: keeping the zombified bodies of her boyfriend and his best friend as a means of camouflaging herself from other zombies, and not cracking to the rape and torture she was subjected to by the Governor…eventually paying him back in kind.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Well folks, after a week in Haiti, I’m back! And with Comic Con having taken place this week, there is much to discuss. I’ll try to tackle one thing at a time. First up:

The long-awaited trailer for the highly anticipated Season 5 of The Walking Dead is finally here. I’ve watched it several times now trying to piece things together. This of course is a fool’s errand, as there’s no context of a timeline for any of the clips shown. But the one thing I can definitely say about it: it looks action-packed, but they gave us WAY too much here. I don’t feel any sense of anxiousness over the plight of Rick & Company since it’s quite apparent that they get out of Terminus, and meet back up with Carol, Tyrese, and Judith. Way to take the suspense out of the season premiere AMC…

Biggest BA’s Countdown

The world of comics is teeming with some of the toughest and more dangerous men & women in fiction. But of them, who is the most dangerous? Which ones would you never want to cross? Today, we’ll take a look at the ones I believe take the cake. This is not a list of the most powerful…not even necessarily the best fighters (though great fighting skills are definitely a must). This is a list of the biggest bad @sses in comics! The criteria I took into account are mystique, intimidation, and fighting prowess…along with the willingness to do whatever they have to to get the job done.

10. Michonne –


Anyone that can survive on their own during the zombie apocalypse for as long as Michonne did, would automatically get instant BA cred. The cover of her debut issue, with 2 zombie pets in chains shambling behind her is one of the most iconic pictures in recent comic history. As the Governor can attest, you don’t cross Michonne.

9. Rorschach –


Like the psychology test that shares his namesake, Rorschach sees the world in black and white. There is no grey. This absolute moral compass allows him little to no sympathy or mercy for those that do wrong. He solidifies his BA status when after being imprisoned, he is threatened by one of the thugs he put away. He then proceeds to throw boiling hot grease in the man’s face and proclaim “I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me!”

8. Elektra –



Don’t let her sexy look or skimpy outfit fool you…Elektra is one of the most skilled fighters in the world. Trained to be the ultimate assassin by the ninja clan The Hand, she can hang with just about anyone in hand-to-hand combat. For further proof read Elektra: Assassin, and watch her take out entire teams of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents single-handed.

7. The Punisher –



Frank Castle: the scourge of the criminal underworld. This guy is organized crime’s worst nightmare. He can and will torture, mutilate, dismember, disembowel, and kill anyone that live off of the suffering of others. There’s a reason his rogues gallery is so much smaller than other heroes: most of his enemies don’t live long enough to become a recurring villain.

6. Deadpool –


He may be crazier than Tom Cruise, and more twisted than a David Lynch movie, but Wade Wilson is one of the most highly-trained martial artists in comics. He is skilled in the use of basically all weapons, can teleport thanks to a device on his belt, and has one of the most powerful healing factors of any character in comicdom…having had entire limbs (including his head) cut off, and still surviving.

5. Captain America –

Astonishing Captain America


Steve Rogers always does the right thing, and sometimes that means busting some skulls or killing Nazis. And no one does it better than Captain America. By far the biggest “boy scout” on the list, but a bonafide BA nonetheless. If you look to harm innocents, the Star Spangled Avenger will make you regret that decision.

4. Wolverine –



The resident BA of Marvel comics. As his catch phrase states, he’s the best there is at what he does…and what he does isn’t very nice. Armed with razor sharp claws that, along with the rest of his skeleton, are coated in nearly indestructible adamantium, and a healing factor that allows him to recover from almost any injury, Wolverine is a tough man to stop in a fight. Surviving, let alone winning, battles with the likes of The Hulk, Thor, Sabretooth, Deadpool, and Lady Deathstrike are a testament to this.

3. Deathstroke –


The character that fellow list entrant, Deadpool, was based on. Slade Wilson is the product of a military experiment to create the ultimate killing machine. He lives up to those lofty expectations. Trained in the use of all known weapons, and second only to Batman himself in hand-to-hand combat…there’s a reason he’s known as The Terminator.

2. Snake Eyes –

Snake Eyes

G.I. Joe’s most popular and iconic character. Snake Eyes has the “mystique” part of the equation down pat: his real name, date of birth, and virtually all other personal information about him is classified. He is a master in over 7 different martial arts forms. He could sneak up on you on a gravel road in broad daylight, and wipe out an entire division of Cobra soldiers without them even knowing he was in the room.

1. Batman –

BatmanThe baddest of BA’s. While Batman is the only person on this list that doesn’t kill, he is by far the most dangerous man in comics. Just because you won’t be dead after a run in with the Dark Knight, it doesn’t mean he won’t make you wish you were. He is not above torturing criminals to get information. He is unrepentant for causing grievous bodily harm to those that prey on the innocent of Gotham City. He is not only the most skilled fighter in all of comics, he is an absolute genius and master strategist as well. Comic characters don’t get any tougher, meaner, or more dangerous than the Caped Crusader.