The Other Side of The Walls!

Hey everyone, my name is Derek Markgraf. I hope to offer a perspective that’s slightly different than Derek’s. Admittedly, his comic book knowledge far surpasses mine, but our passion for them lies on the same plane. Where his opinions might be based on character’s origins and stories based out of the actual comic books, my opinions come from a different starting point. I don’t have his knowledge from the comic’s source material; mine is rooted in research through curiosity sparked from many different TV series, cartoons, and movies. I could be considered the simple minded one…if you will…and because of this, I hope to bring a perspective that will sometimes agree with his, but often times vary.  I look forward to sharing my point of view with all of you. Thank you to Derek and Breaking Down The Walls of Dericho for allowing me to share in this fantastical journey and become “The Other Side of The Walls!”



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