A Big Announcement!

The Walls of Dericho are expanding! In an effort to bring readers a more well-rounded comic book experience, I’ve decided to bring another writer on board. Playing off of the title I gave this site just as a play on words on my actual name, you can look at the subject matter covered here as the real “Walls of Dericho”. (Bonus: his name is also Derek, so regardless of which of us posts, the title still works! Score!)

Derek Melloy – As anyone that’s read this blog for any amount of time could tell, I’m a very big fan of comics. I’ve been reading them most of my life and have a decently extensive knowledge of the characters and stories. I represent one side of the “Wall.”

Derek Markgraf – The new writer is more of the everyday, casual fan. The majority of his knowledge on comic properties comes from the movies, television series, and other media that are based on them. He represents the other side.

So what does this mean for you as a reader?  First off, there will be more content available, as we will both be writing and posting regularly. Secondly, and probably more importantly, you’ll get more varied content and subject matter. We don’t always agree on everything…in fact we have very different views on several things…so you’ll get to see multiple sides of some topics instead of just my admittedly often stubborn opinion.

I haven’t figured all the details out yet. So if you follow this site through my Facebook or Twitter (@lunchbox82) accounts, I’m not sure if his posts will show up on my timelines. So there are still a few things being worked out on my end. But Derek has been added as a contributor to the site effective immediately. If you’ve enjoyed my work, I hope you all enjoy his just as much. Welcome aboard sir!



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