Free Comic Day 2016


Tomorrow is the first Saturday in May. Which means two things: it’s Kentucky Derby Day, and, more importantly, it’s also Free Comic Book Day. Millions of comic fans, and hopefully more than a few people that aren’t, across the country will be herding into their local comic store to take advantage of free comics, and special deals on back issues and graphic novels.


I guess it technically means three things, because for the third year in a row Marvel has released a movie the day before Free Comic Book Day. Using their extremely popular film franchises to help improve their sagging comic sales is brilliant marketing. This year’s movie is the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War. Due to a very busy schedule , sadly I won’t be able to see the MCU face-off until next weekend at the earliest. As soon as I’ve had the chance to go see it, I will post a review.


But anyway…back to the topic at hand. I encourage anyone reading this to head to your local comic shop, pick up some comics for free, and maybe buy a comic, graphic novel, or action figure or two to help support local business. In particular, if you’re in the Paducah, KY area head over to Crash Comics and bring some items for their canned food drive for the pantry for Paducah Cooperative Ministry. See you there!



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