100 Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time – Part 14

35. Spider Jerusalem

Spider Jerusalem

Armed with an absolute disdain for authority and a ridiculous arsenal of weapons, including a “bowel disruptor”, which causes the victim to literally crap themselves, Spider Jerusalem, main character in the Transmetropolitan series, is a gonzo journalist obsessed with the truth, and is a violent terror to all who would attempt to hide that truth from the public. Heavily inspired by real-life gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson, evidenced by his rampant drug use and affinity for firearms, adds even more to the overall coolness of the character.


34. Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes

G.I. Joe’s resident commando/ninja master. Easily the most popular character in the Joe-universe despite never saying a word, due to being rendered mute after a horrific accident while on a black ops mission caused his vocal chords to be burned beyond repair, and the fact that virtually all information about him is deemed “classified.” What he lacks in verbal communication, he more than makes up for with martial arts abilities, stealth skills, and overall badass-ery. His incredibly complicated friendship/animosity with fellow ninja Storm Shadow is one of the driving forces of the G.I. Joe narrative.


33. John Constantine

John Constantine

DC Comic’s chain-smoking, cancer-ridden, trench coat-wearing demon hunter from the Hellblazer series. Street smart, clever, and a smooth talker, John Constantine is the perfect working class hero and while he is also an extremely powerful sorcerer, he typically prefers to use his cunning as his primary weapon instead. Interestingly, he is also one of the few comic book characters that age in real time.


32. Red Skull

Red Skull

Captain America’s greatest nemesis. Brilliant, cunning, and, thanks to his mind residing in a cloned body of Cap himself, in nearly every measurable way the physical equal of Steve Rogers. What separates the two is that while Captain America stands for liberty and is courageous, selfless, and always does the right thing, Red Skull stands for world domination and the spreading of Nazi ideals, and is selfish, self-serving, and evil to the core.

31. Dream of the Endless


The protagonist of the Sandman series. Dream, also known as Morpheus, along with Death, Destiny, Desire, Despair, Destruction, and Delirium, make up a collective known as the Endless, with each being the embodiment of the force they are named after. He has limitless power over dreams and even reality itself. While he doesn’t forgive easily, he is constantly attempting to atone for his own past mistakes. The fact that DC Comics hasn’t made a movie and/or TV series based on The Sandman is an absolute travesty.





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