100 Greatest Comic Characters of All-Time – Part 9

An all-Marvel installment:

60. Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson

Possibly the greatest secondary character, and most certainly the top love interest, in the history of comics. Originally depicted as a free-spirited, flighty party girl that hates being tied down, Mary Jane dates Peter Parker, and, after he breaks with her because of her shallowness, his best friend Harry Osborn. After the death of Gwen Stacy, she sees the pain that Peter is in and refuses to leave him alone, setting in motion the bond the 2 would share from that point forward. Eventually they marry and she becomes the stabilizing force in Spider-Man’s otherwise tumultuous life.

59. The Beast


One of the original X-Men. Hank McCoy’s appearance as a hulking, hairy monster flies in contradiction to his amazingly brilliant mind. Of course he didn’t always look that way. Originally the only features that distinguished him as a mutant were hands and feet that were much larger than the average human’s. It wasn’t until he used an experimental formula on himself that he grows fur, enhanced senses, and razor sharp claws and teeth. Aside from a stint with The Avengers, Beast has been a stalwart of the X-Men roster, and is a constant source of leadership, intelligence, and humor for the team.

58. Emma Frost

Emma Frost

While she may have initially been a villain in the X-Men universe, as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost has since become a prominent member of the X-Men. Even to the point of heading Xavier’s school. An extremely powerful telepath, she was able to hold her own, albeit briefly, against the Phoenix Force. She also possesses the strange ability to turn her body into living diamond, essentially making her invulnerable to physical attack. It’s also impossible to talk about Emma Frost and not mention her costume. She has most definitely worn (or more appropriately, not worn) some of the most ridiculous and revealing outfits ever in comics. In recent years, efforts have finally been made to make her costume, while still sexy, much more functional.

57. The Punisher


The scourge of the criminal underworld. After his family is gunned down in a gang shootout, Frank Castle vows to rid the world of lowlifes. The Punisher has left a trail of blood since his first appearance in Marvel Comics. Due to his penchant for putting those that cross him in the morgue, he has a much smaller rogues gallery than most heroes. The Punisher is probably the greatest real-world type hero in all of comics.

56. The Black Panther

Black Panther

Created by Stan Lee as the very first black superhero. While T’Challa Udaka doesn’t get as much mainstream attention as some of his Marvel brethren (though with his upcoming appearance in Captain America: Civil War, that is surely about to change), he has been a huge part of the Marvel Universe in the comics since his arrival. Black Panther is king of the fictional African country of Wakanda, and most of his time is spent governing his people and defending their deposits of Vibranium, but he has also been an on-again/off-again member of The Avengers, and was offered a position in the powerful Illuminati, a secret society of the most intelligent costumed heroes. He has proven to be an extremely capable fighter, defeating nearly every single one of his Avenger comrades in battle.



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