100 Greatest Comic Characters of All-Time – Part 4

The list rolls on…

85. Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander

The leader of the deadly terrorist organization Cobra, and the primary antagonist in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. A far departure from the bumbling idiot of the popular cartoon, the Cobra Commander of the comics is ruthless, ingenious, and extremely clever. All attributes that make him one of the more compelling villains in comics. Much like The Shredder is to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cobra Commander is just as much a part of the fabric of G.I. Joe as the titular hero team.

84. Tank Girl

Tank Girl

One of the truest punk characters in all of comics. Tank Girl spits in the face of authority (sometimes quite literally), is known to engage in extreme acts of sex and violence, loves to get drunk, and has a propensity to pick her nose and make fart jokes. The character may not have stuck around as long as the rest of those listed, but she made an indelible impact on the world of comics. Also without perfecting his art style with Tank Girl, Jamie Hewlett may have never gone on to co-found the animated band, Gorillaz…and what a sad world that would have been.

83. Alana


The female lead in the Saga series. After being stationed to guard a prisoner from a warring race, she befriends and eventually falls in love with her prisoner, helping him escape. Alana’s story with Marko is a modern-day Romeo & Juliet, without the silly, over-the-top “tragic” ending. Even though she may have wings, Marko may have horns, and it takes place in an alien universe, Saga is one of the most relatable stories in comics. Alana is the biggest reason for that.

82. Bumblebee


The first Transformer to grace the list. His generally gentle nature paired with his relatively small size in comparison to his Autobot brothers, have lead Bumblebee to become the closest of his comrades to their human ally Spike. What he lacks in size and aggression, he more than makes up for in courage and fighting capability. It is this dichotomy that has turned Bumblebee into one of the most popular of all Transformers.

81. Namor


Having debuted in 1939, The Sub-Mariner is oldest character in Marvel Comics. He is the King of Atlantis. Being half-human/half-Atlantean, Namor is also Marvel’s first mutant. His human side leads him to defend mankind; while his Atlantean side leads him to protecting his kingdom…sometimes from the very same human race he loves. These seemingly incompatible identities are what make him so fascinating.



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