100 Greatest Comic Characters of All-Time – Part 2

95. Sentry
With nearly identical super powers and costume design (with a different color palette), Rob Reynolds is Marvel’s answer to Superman. While the two are similar, Sentry’s history is much different. In fact he has one of the more interesting, and clever, histories of any character on this list. Created in the year 2000 (cue the Conan O’Brien song), he was retconned into the history of Marvel Comics, even to the point of creating fake creators and back issues.

94. Rogue

Marvel is definitely known for creating characters with amazing powers balanced with interesting, sometimes heartbreaking, weaknesses. Rogue is definitely one of those. She can absorb the life force of anyone she touches, temporarily gaining their attributes, and in the case of mutants or super powered beings, their abilities. Unfortunately, she can’t control it. Leaving her unable to touch another person without fear of seriously hurting or even killing them.

93. Ultron 

The nemesis of the Avengers. With the ability to jump his consciousness from one of his adamantium robot bodies to virtually any electronic device, an army of clones all sharing a hive mind, and his encephalo-ray which can brainwash opponents or send them into a death-like coma, Ultron is one of the most dangerous threats in all of comics.

92. Leonardo

Leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His brother Raphael might be the most popular of the Turtles, but Leo is definitely the most disciplined and skilled member of the team. Leonardo is driven by honor, loyalty, and a warrior’s spirit.

91. Zatanna  

While she might have a campy costume (though it’s a personal favorite of mine), Zatanna is one of the most powerful heroes in DC Comics. The fact that she is both a stage magician/illusionist and a real-life sorceress makes her one of the more interesting characters in DC as well.



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