100 Greatest Comic Characters Of All-Time – Part 1


Comic books tell stories that can take you away to fantastic places, show you amazing sites, and even teach you valuable life lessons. But if there aren’t great, compelling characters, both good and evil, in those stories that grab your interest, none of the rest of that matters. So let’s take a look into the greatest characters that the comic genre has to offer.

100. Iceman


One of the original X-Men. His look has changed dramatically (thankfully no more walking snowman) over the years, but the coolness (pun intended) of Bobby Drake never has. He typically doesn’t get as much focus as some of the other Marvel mutants, but he is a mainstay on the team.

99. Tony Chu


Detective Tony Chu, the main character in the series Chew, definitely has one of the more interesting super powers to ever grace the pages of comics: he can psychically sense what happened to an object, including people, by eating a bite of it. This comes in handy being a homicide detective, but it also requires him to be a cannibal more often than not.

98. The Shredder

The Shredder

The first villain to make the list. He is the leader of the dreaded Foot Clan and arch-enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Oroku Saki is a master in hand-to-hand combat and is trained in virtually all forms of martial arts. Regardless of medium, The Shredder is always portrayed as the antagonist of the Turtles. To the point that he is almost synonymous with the heroes he combats.

97. The Goon


The Goon is as much a walking contradiction as the comic series that shares his name. The character is a gentle giant of a man, except when he’s fighting the forces of evil, and then he becomes a brutal killing machine. The comic is one part gangster Noir, one part supernatural thriller. Both of those contradictions lead to a wonderful, eclectic story.

96. Fone BoneFoneBone

Only in the world of comics could an anthropomorphic bone be a stand-in for the everyman. His unwavering goodness is a great example of what makes a good hero. The smart, courageous protagonist of the epic Bone series draws comparisons to Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, and rightfully so.

I’m going to try to pump these out as quickly as possible. So join me next time when as we continue down this road of counting down the greatest characters in comics.



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