The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Well folks, after a week in Haiti, I’m back! And with Comic Con having taken place this week, there is much to discuss. I’ll try to tackle one thing at a time. First up:

The long-awaited trailer for the highly anticipated Season 5 of The Walking Dead is finally here. I’ve watched it several times now trying to piece things together. This of course is a fool’s errand, as there’s no context of a timeline for any of the clips shown. But the one thing I can definitely say about it: it looks action-packed, but they gave us WAY too much here. I don’t feel any sense of anxiousness over the plight of Rick & Company since it’s quite apparent that they get out of Terminus, and meet back up with Carol, Tyrese, and Judith. Way to take the suspense out of the season premiere AMC…



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