Coolest Costumes Countdown

To create a truly great superhero/villain, you have to nail the costume. Sure, interesting powers and back stories are essential, but the outfit can make or break a costumed character. Here’s the best of the best.

10. Spawn


The leader of the creator-owned character craze of the 90’s. That time period was all about “cool”, and they didn’t get any cooler than Spawn. A costume that was just as dark and brutal as the comic itself.

9. Zatanna


An admitted guilty pleasure of mine. I love the combination of classic magician, sexy femme fatale, and fighting functionality.

8. Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Cool. Sleek. Iconic. ‘Nuff said.

7. Captain America

Astonishing Captain America

The epitome of iconic. A great red, white, and blue variation of the standard military uniform. It just oozes functionality, and leaves no doubt what he’s fighting for.

6. Cyclops


A great example of sometimes less is more. Cyclops is a stoic strategist, and his costume displays that perfectly. No need for all the flashiness or bells and whistles.

5. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

The perfect combination of beauty and power. Wonder Woman is a warrior and a princess, and her costume fits both facets of her personality to the letter.

4. Batman

Batman Costume

Imagine being a criminal in Gotham City and seeing his silhouette in the moonlight. That would have to be the scariest moment in your life.

3. Dr. Doom

Dr Doom

The only villain to make the list. One of the most iconic and influential costumes to ever grace the pages of comic books. Seriously…his costume was inspiration for Darth Vader’s.

2. Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is as violent and brutal as they come, yet wears an all-white costume. You don’t mess with a man that wears white to a fight…because he obviously doesn’t plan on getting dirty.

1. Spider-Man


For my money, the most iconic costume in comics. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone over the age of 3 that wouldn’t be able to tell you who this is based solely on the costume. A cool look that fits with his quick wit, his acrobatic style, and his speed. If you wanted the definition of “Perfect Superhero Costume”, this is what you’d find.



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