Days of Future Past Is Here!

Days of Future Past

One of my all-time favorite story arcs is set to make its silver screen debut today. I’m of course talking about X-Men: Days of Future Past. In Chris Claremont’s masterpiece, a dystopian future collides with the present day in an epic story of survival.


After the assassination of United States senator Robert Kelly at the hands of the Brotherhood of Mutants, mutants are hunted down by an army of giant robotic soldier called Sentinels and either eliminated or placed in internment camps. Once the mutant threat is subdued, the Sentinels begin targeting all super-powered beings, and eventually moving on to ordinary humans as well. With almost of their kind wiped out, the remaining few X-Men make a final, desperate attempt to stave off the subjugation of the human race at the hands of those designed to protect it, by sending the consciousness of Kitty Pryde back in time to her younger self to prevent Senator Kelly’s death.


The story is one of the greatest and most famous in not only the X-Men mythos, but in all of comics. It was tweaked significantly for the X-Men animated series in the 90’s, presenting it to a new generation of fans. It has been revisited multiple times in the comic series. It was even blatantly ripped-off for a major storyline in the NBC television series Heroes.

DOFP Poster

They’ve obviously tweaked several elements of the original story for the movie as well, but as long as it stays true to the original story, I’m perfectly fine with that. It should be a lot of fun to see both timelines of the X-Men movie franchise thrown together. The trailers look amazing, and all reviews I’ve read about it so far have been stellar. So needless to say, I’m extremely excited. I will be going to the theater Tuesday to watch the awesomeness unfold. Come back on Wednesday for the review. Until then, have a great holiday weekend folks!


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