Chasing the Dream

If this blog wasn’t evidence enough, I’ll spell it out: I love comic books. Because of this love for comics, I’ve always wanted to write my own comics (I would love to draw them as well, but as I haven’t really drawn anything since junior high, it would probably be best that I left that to the experts). Enter my good friend Tharp. One day he explains to me that he’s had this idea for a graphic novel for quite sometime and has slowly been working on it with another friend of his. Eventually he invited into the process as well.

I don’t think I ever realized just how tedious a job writing can be and trying to find the time to actually write has become the biggest obstacle for us. Being adults with families and bills and jobs outside of writing definitely forces you to be intentional with your time. But I have to say that the writing process as slow and mind-numbing as it can be, has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I can’t wait to actually finish the brainstorming stage and start putting pen to paper. So take it from me…whatever it is that you’re passionate about, regardless of whether you think you have the time for it or not, go for it. You’ll be much happier if you do. This blog is proof of that. I’m passionate about talking about, and spreading the love for comics. So I created this blog. And it has been a great outlet for me and it’s been awesome to see that people actually read it. But as for the comic…whether our graphic novel ever gets published, it gets published and flops, or if it’s just something that we create for ourselves, our friends, and our families, I will at least know that I took the time to chase a dream. And that’s more than what most people do…and that’s a real shame.



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